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Deviant ID : Haruki Naoshi by KaixTomiko Deviant ID : Haruki Naoshi :iconkaixtomiko:KaixTomiko 0 0 Female Sakuma - Cosplay by KaixTomiko Female Sakuma - Cosplay :iconkaixtomiko:KaixTomiko 2 0 Haruna - Smile by KaixTomiko Haruna - Smile :iconkaixtomiko:KaixTomiko 6 30 Fubuki Shirou - Cosplay by KaixTomiko Fubuki Shirou - Cosplay :iconkaixtomiko:KaixTomiko 0 6 Top Ten Hottest Animated Guys by KaixTomiko Top Ten Hottest Animated Guys :iconkaixtomiko:KaixTomiko 2 25 Flying Squirrel - Contest by KaixTomiko Flying Squirrel - Contest :iconkaixtomiko:KaixTomiko 1 4
Tell me why- APH
Tell me Why.
I took a chance, I took a shot
And you might think I'm bulletproof but I'm not
You took a swing, I took it hard
And down here from the ground, I see who you are

"Stop it!" The girl said as she pushed the man away from her.
It was already more then enough.
The man she looked up as her father was no more than tormenting her.
I'm sick and tired of your attitude
I'm feeling like I don't know you
You tell me that you love me then you cut me down

Every night she'd cry herself to sleep and keeps thinking that everything
will be fine. When she was young they'd always get along well.
What happened?
And I need you like a heartbeat
But you know you got a mean streak
Makes me run for cover when you're around

No matter what happened she kept her heart strong.
She did look up on him a lot. But whenever he came in the aura would change.
And here's to you and your temper
Yes, I remember what you said last night
And I know that you see what you're doin
:iconkaixtomiko:KaixTomiko 13 20
APH- Piri x America x Spain by KaixTomiko APH- Piri x America x Spain :iconkaixtomiko:KaixTomiko 6 27 APH- Liechtenstein by KaixTomiko APH- Liechtenstein :iconkaixtomiko:KaixTomiko 2 15
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday~
Summary: Piri's getting older! And what better way to celebrate it with her lover, Alfred.
I do NOT own Hetalia.
~June 12~
She had just finished signing the last package. It was pretty heavy this time,
"What are you doing carrying a heavy package like that?" A familiar voice said from behind. She turned around and saw Alfred, with a big grin on his face.
"Why don't I help you?" He insisted and Piri gave it to him. "Whose it from this time?"
She tip toed and looked at the tag.
To: Piri
From: Arthur
Happy Birthday. I wish you more Birthdays to come.

Alfred's eye widened. "I wonder what he gave you." He said and tried opening the box, instead, a hand patted his. "No, no. We have to bring this to the guest room and open the others."
There was at least 5 boxes on the table. Alfred grinned and saw Canada's gift, it was particularly wrapped in a wrapper that had leaves on it. "Oooh. I wonder what Matthew brought you." He e
:iconkaixtomiko:KaixTomiko 19 21
RE Rebecca Chambers Wallpaper by KaixTomiko RE Rebecca Chambers Wallpaper :iconkaixtomiko:KaixTomiko 7 9 RE Leon Kennedy Wallpaper. by KaixTomiko RE Leon Kennedy Wallpaper. :iconkaixtomiko:KaixTomiko 3 9 OH NO. A virus. :3 by KaixTomiko OH NO. A virus. :3 :iconkaixtomiko:KaixTomiko 1 3 Chris x Jill : I got you by KaixTomiko Chris x Jill : I got you :iconkaixtomiko:KaixTomiko 11 4 RE Albert Wesker Wallpaper I by KaixTomiko RE Albert Wesker Wallpaper I :iconkaixtomiko:KaixTomiko 9 29 Barry Burton Fan Icon by KaixTomiko Barry Burton Fan Icon :iconkaixtomiko:KaixTomiko 9 11
My works. SO UGLY, YOU'LL DIE.


Cutie 3 - Valentine's Day by pinonon Cutie 3 - Valentine's Day :iconpinonon:pinonon 43 13 Happy Birthday Cath by pameratyan Happy Birthday Cath :iconpameratyan:pameratyan 0 33 Pain Flash - Crush by TopazShrine Pain Flash - Crush :icontopazshrine:TopazShrine 627 451 DSC: Misunderstanding by Sheenah DSC: Misunderstanding :iconsheenah:Sheenah 299 178 Cosplay WIP - Dat Ass by Sheenah Cosplay WIP - Dat Ass :iconsheenah:Sheenah 39 93 Zack and Aerith: Don't cry by Narga-Lifestream Zack and Aerith: Don't cry :iconnarga-lifestream:Narga-Lifestream 4,455 307 Mulan: Attack of the Huns by behindinfinity Mulan: Attack of the Huns :iconbehindinfinity:behindinfinity 12,163 1,272 Aqua Birth By Sleep by Eyes-0n-Me Aqua Birth By Sleep :iconeyes-0n-me:Eyes-0n-Me 1,819 462 Busou Renkin GIF - SMEXEH by CyberAlchemist Busou Renkin GIF - SMEXEH :iconcyberalchemist:CyberAlchemist 51 7 Busou Renkin GIF- gearz o doom by CyberAlchemist Busou Renkin GIF- gearz o doom :iconcyberalchemist:CyberAlchemist 68 4 Time Leap_in the future by hybridre Time Leap_in the future :iconhybridre:hybridre 1,000 138 TokiMemoGS2 - Hariya Kounoshin by albel-nox TokiMemoGS2 - Hariya Kounoshin :iconalbel-nox:albel-nox 34 15 Tokimemo3 Live cast by Akari-Sweetness Tokimemo3 Live cast :iconakari-sweetness:Akari-Sweetness 21 9 GS3 Members by Maguro75 GS3 Members :iconmaguro75:Maguro75 9 17 gs2 - vocaloid x-over by lackofsleep gs2 - vocaloid x-over :iconlackofsleep:lackofsleep 13 4 KaixTomiko Consolation Prize by HelloKittyTsi KaixTomiko Consolation Prize :iconhellokittytsi:HelloKittyTsi 1 2
Some pictures / cosplays of mere awesomeness.



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Well. This is awkward.

I don't know when my last journal entry was. So, I'll try to update ya'll with what's happ. I currently getting forms to college, I'm getting European Languages (OH YES EUROPE, I LOVE YOU. :heart: ) and / or Speech Pathology. ((I didn't think I'd be saying this..)) But, I'm closing down my groups~ OR if anyone is interested, I'll gladly give the founder place to you.

I'm now also focusing on cosplaying, piano playing and of course, my studies. I may not be posting drawings anymore since I have CTS.

=> Follow me, I'm more active here;!/supercathylific

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